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Unlocking the power of energy storage at your company.

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Your energy challenge is tougher than ever before.

Bnewable tackles your energy challenges through decentralized energy storage and production solutions at your site(s). We handle the investment, development and operation, unburdening you from the energy hassle and complexity.

Are you fully equipped to meet this challenge? We are... So come and meet our experienced energy experts.

Meet our Team

We analyse

Tailored energy storage and production solutions designed to match your site’s unique needs, constraints, and objectives, leveraging our advanced analytics tools.

We develop

Collaborative project development in partnership with our top-tier equipment and installation experts.

Unburdening you from day one.

We invest

Keep your cash for your core business. Bnewable invests and shares the benefits of energy storage and production assets at your site(s). Investing in a green future.

Maximising revenue with our advanced operation algorithms and in-house expertise.

We operate

Optimising battery value by adjusting real-time operations to generate both local and energy market benefits to lower your energy invoice.

Tailoring our approach to meet your specific needs and energy cost goals, unlocking multiple revenue streams.

Energy Storage Solutions

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Energy Generation Solutions

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Our differentiating assets

  • In-depth Energy Storage Study: Conducted free of charge

  • Tailored Energy Valorisation Model: Customised to maximise returns

  • On-Site Asset Investment: Investing directly in assets at your premises

  • End-to-End Project Oversight: from development to end-of-life

  • Comprehensive Energy Guidance: Serving as your Energy Director with a team of top-notch energy experts

  • Independence and no obligations: Operating independently, free from supplier contract obligations

  • Advanced Energy Management: Utilising a cutting edge system with an in-house trading desk for optimised performance

translated into client benefits.

  • Reduced Energy Costs: Experience a decrease in your energy bills

  • Future Proof Grid Connection: Ensure a resilient and future-proof grid connection

  • Simplified Operations: Enjoy relief from the complexity of energy management

  • Zero Cash Investment Required: Preserve your capital for your core business, with no upfront cash investment needed

  • Energy security: Attain energy certainty with backup power solutions

  • Enhanced Local Production Efficiency: Improve the efficiency of your local production processes

Our Belgian story

We challenge the market and are transparent.
No dinosaurs here... We walk the talk.

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Our core values

Belgian entrepreneurs for Belgian entrepreneurs and organisations.

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